The Alpinist Swiss Premium Dry Gin

The best of the Swiss Alps meets the best of the Orient. A refreshing mix of zesty citrus notes and strong herbal aromas.
0.7L | 42% vol

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More than a touch of the exotic

As soon as you open the bottle, this premium gin, which is in a class all of its own, unveils its wonderfully refreshing character. Aside from juniper, it also contains 12 alpine Swiss herbs and some coriander. However, it's the exquisite blend of four Asian citrus fruits that lends this gin its unique taste.

For moments that will stay with you

Surprisingly different and genuinely invigorating, our Moments Gin introduces you to completely new worlds of enjoyment. They unfold sip by sip and make every moment of the experience into something special. A full-bodied indulgence that will delight you as much as your guests and will go down well with everything, from aperitifs to nightcaps.

The taste of Moments Gin

Lemony fresh and full-bodied and yet bold, with a slightly zesty aroma: Moments Gin is one of the best treats you can indulge yourself in. It combines the traditional Swiss herbal world with a seductively exotic touch from Asia.
In the nose
At first, there's a wonderfully fresh citrus aroma, with a clear hint of yuzu. On the surface, you smell limes, kumquats and tangerines. This is complemented by a hint of juniper, underpinned with green herbs and subtle coriander notes.
On the palate
The gin tastes fresh like kaffir lime, a little citrus oil and kumquats. This is followed by a slightly peppery note with spicy coriander and some dried ginger, with a subtle juniper aftertaste.
The aftertaste
A very full-bodied and oily, fresh and long-lasting body, characterised by fine zesty lime aromas and herbal notes from the Alps.


Normal water is not good enough for our premium spirits. We use Swiss glacial water, which has its source at an altitude of over 3'160 meters on the Jungfraujoch!

The Aletsch glacier is the biggest and longest glacier in the Alps. Between the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, it has its own ice tunnels on the Jungfraujoch. These are the source of the glacial water, which is used to reduce the distillate to bottling strength. The natural glacial water gives our spirits a particularly soft and pleasant flavour.

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East meets West

Here, selected products from the Far East are complemented by native Alpine plants: delicious fruits from the citrus family combined with a touch of juniper and layered with green herbs, coriander and dried ginger result in a flavourful variety of aromas, a taste that is second to none.
Between the size of a cherry and a plum, kumquat is the smallest of all citrus fruits with a sweet, edible skin.
Yuzu, a Japanese fruit, is full of the most intense fragrances, tasting slightly sour, sweet and at the same time subtly bitter. Its charismatic perfume is incomparable.
As the refined little sister of the orange, mandarin is not only a delight at Christmas time. It complements the Moments Gin with an additional citrus note.
Kaffir lime
The kaffir lime has an incomparably delicate and pleasant mildly acidic aroma that is strongly reminiscent of lemon.
Last but not least, no gin should be without juniper. Its berries are only added to the exquisite distillate during the second distillation process.

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