The Alpinist A Swiss Dry Gin that tastes like Christmas in The Alps.

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It begins with water distilled from a glacier. It continues with Juniper Berries, violet and rich like aristocrats in miniature; a royalty we pair with a meshing of ancient botanicals indigenous to Switzerland. It ends with a handsome Swiss Dry Gin that tastes like you’re on holiday, enjoying Christmas in The Alps.
0.7L | 42% vol

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Our Juniper is in good company

The Alps are festooned in a lush sea of ancient flowers, roots and herbs that human-beings have harnessed for centuries. Aside from just Juniper, we craft our Swiss Dry Gin with three botanicals that gift her a whimsical flavor you’ll find yourself returning to, again and again.
Lady’s mantle
Silver thistle
Arnika boasts an aroma of sunny mountain flowers, hidden alpine meadows and camomile, along with light hints of pineapple and fresh sage.
Lady’s Mantle is a flavor and scent you can’t quite put your finger on, possessing a sweet, subtle aroma of menthol paired with notes that remind us Swiss of Alpine Hay.
Incredibly sweet and succulent, and surprisingly spicy, Silver Thistle is a ruggedly lovely flower that brings a bit of chutzpah to this unique trio of botanicals.

3,000 meters and counting

Chasing the white rabbit that is a premium spirit demands a bit of climbing. At The Alpinist, we craft our beverages with water sourced from a glacier of gargantuan size called The Aletsch. 3,160 meters up in the heavens makes for one hell of a climb. However, this hands-in-the-dirt work allows our spirits a soft and pleasant kiss, a flavour as crisp and clean as the mountain air where it was born.

You won’t be drinking alone

It’s been sipped by a musician who won 2 Golden Globes, 3 Oscars and 10 Grammy’s. Frank Sinatra took his Gin on the rocks with a nice shading of vermouth and a lemon, twisted.

It’s been the drink of choice by arguably the greatest writer alive, who has sold half a billion books about a child wizard by the name of Harry. J.K. Rowling is less high-maintenance than Sinatra, drinking her Gin straight, in a good, generous pour.

It’s been enjoyed daily by the longest serving monarch in British History and still is today as she approaches 94 years old. Queen Elizabeth II likes her Gin paired with Dubonnet and normally takes it right before lunch.

Then, of course, we can’t forget about Ernest Hemingway, Anne Sexton, Humphrey Bogart, Sylvia Plath, Sir Winston Churchill and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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It’s... complicated.
We make it less so.

At The Alpinist, we take tremendous pride in crafting the creme de la creme of Gin. However, we recognize the genre is a complicated liquor that demands a required palette; a palette that takes time to develop. If, for whatever reason, you pop open a bottle of our Swiss Dry Gin and you don’t find yourself longing for another, we’ll refund your money and cover your return shipping. So, the most you’ll have to lose is a drink on the house.

The Sweet Alpinist

Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and service in a highball glass, filled with ice. Garnish with fresh blackberries.
  • 4cl The Alpinist Gin
  • 3 fresh blackberries
  • 1cl Creme de Mure
  • 2cl Amaretto
  • 1cl sugar syrup
  • 1cl lime juice
  • 8cl pineapple juice

Awards Recognized globally as one of the world's finest Gins.

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