The Alpinist Single Cask Premium Rum

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Like the final cut of a diamond: the single cask finish is what makes this collection so special. Three carefully selected types of casks with three unique aroma profiles: the wonderful sweetness of white port, the room-filling aroma of Juracon, and the fruitiness of Banyuls. They make our Rare Blend Rum a journey of discovery for the senses. Without added caramel colouring or cold filtration, this rum is as natural as can be. Available in three different varieties.
0.7L | 58.8% vol
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Three casks, three different varieties

The basis is the Alpinist Premium Rare Blend with its eight-year maturation process. The finishing touch for this blend is imparted by the Single Cask Finish using three carefully selected types of cask.
White Port
Aromas of dry fruit, sultanas, liquorice, spices and figs. A few drops of water enable its complex flavours to unfold in your nose. A distinct aroma of rum, ripe bananas and coco on the palate, structured by the character imparted by the cask.
Unique characteristics through maturation in red wine barrels. The typical aromas associated with rum are skilfully played off against the sweetness of the Banyuls giving the rum a smoothness that can be felt on the palate. Fudge, honey and raisins tail off in an eternal aftertaste that craves for more.
Fine aromas of dry fruit, bananas and dates. A few hints of nutmeg, vanilla imparted by its maturation in a woo- den cask, warm roasted aromas, slightly nutty. Intensive and complex but nevertheless elegant with a lingering and harmonious aftertaste.


Normal water is not good enough for our premium spirits. We use Swiss glacial water, which has its source at an altitude of over 3,400 meters on the Jungfraujoch!

The Aletsch glacier is the biggest and longest glacier in the Alps. Between the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, it has its own ice tunnels on the Jungfraujoch. These are the source of the glacial water, which is used to reduce the distillate to bottling strength. The natural glacial water gives our spirits a particularly soft and pleasant flavour.

How to experience unbridled delight

Four tips on how best to enjoy rum.
The glass
A bulbous-shaped glass narrowing towards the top (nosing glass) retains aromas most effectively.
The temperature
Rum should never be served too cold; room temperature is ideal.
Rum may be diluted with soft water; tentatively add a drop at a time.
Give the rum time and enjoy it sip by sip.

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Old Fashioned

Soak the sugar cube with Angostura and crush it together with lemon/orange quarters in a tumbler, using a pestle. Add an ice cube, pour rum over it, stir and fill the glass with some soda or water.
  • 2 dashes of Angostura
  • 5 cl Rum
  • Lemon & Orange
  • Some soda water
  • 1 sugar cube

Awards Recognized globally as one of the world's finest Rums.

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