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Single Cask
Premium Rum

Single Cask Premium Rum

Discover our excellent, eight-year old
Rare Blend Rum in three
different single cask finishes.

0,7 l, 58,8% vol.


Three casks,
one collection.

Like the final cut of a diamond: the single cask finish is what makes this collection so special. Three carefully selected types of casks with three unique aroma profiles: the wonderful sweetness of white port, the room-filling aroma of Juracon, and the fruitiness of Banyuls. They make our Rare Blend Rum a journey of discovery for the senses.

Without added caramel colouring or cold filtration,
this rum is as natural as can be.



Cask Typen

The basis for this is 8 year old The Alpinist Premium Rare Blend. What makes it extra special is the single cask finish in three carefully-selected cask types.


An intense amber colour. The flavours of dry fruits, sultanas, liquorice, spices and figs. A few drops of water release complex aromas in the nose. Typical mature wine character. Leaves a distinct aroma of rum in the palate with flavours of ripe bananas and coconuts, all with a cask character. Deep and long-lasting finish.


Copper colours with reddish tones in the glass. Unique characteristics due to the red wine cask maturing. The typical rum aromas play skilfully with the sweetness of the Banyul and give the rum smoothness in the palate. The long-lasting finish with flavours of fudge, honey and raisins leaves you wanting more.

White Port

An intense amber colour. Aromas of dry fruits, bananas and dates. A few drops of water release complex aromas in the nose which are very strong. Wine-like nutmeg aromas, vanilla from the maturing in wood, warm roasting and nutty flavours. Intense and complex, yet elegant with a long and harmonious finish.


Glacial water

Normal water is not good enough for our premium rum. We use Swiss glacial water, which has its source at an altitude of over 3,454 metres on the Jungfraujoch!

The Aletsch glacier is the biggest and longest glacier in the Alps. Between the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, it has its own ice tunnels on the Jungfraujoch. They are the source of the glacial water, which is used to make our rum drinking strength. The natural glacial water gives our rum a particularly soft and pleasant flavour.



The Alpinist is a premium blend of rare Spanish-style rum from different three countries: the maturity time of up to 8 years ensures soft, light and fruity aromas.

The Dominican Republic

The rum made from molasses with strong Cuban influences is known for its soft and mild distilled taste.


The full-bodied rum with powerful aromas, reminiscent of nuts or cocoa, provides a distinct texture.


Rum has been made in Panama and shipped all over the world for over 100 years.

4 tips for that pure
rum experience

  1. A wide glass which narrows towards the top
    (a nosing glass), maintains the aroma for longer.

  2. Rum should not be served too cold,
    room temperature is ideal.

  3. Rum can be diluted with soft water,
    added drop by drop.

  4. Give the rum time and enjoy
    it sip by sip.


The Alpinist Premium Rum?

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